Musician Spotlight—Meet Patti Hoover, Principal Oboe

Patti Hoover is an Application Development Architect for Goodyear, with the responsibility of assuring tire and compound recipes are downloaded to each plant’s computers correctly.

That’s a big job, and she has prepared for it with bachelor’s and master’s degrees from The University of Akron. It is not Patti’s only job, however.
Patti has been a member of the Tuscarawas Philharmonic since 2000, and until 2017, she played oboe and English horn with the Ashland Symphony as well.

Growing up in and around Akron, Patti began her interest in music at an early age. “When I was in the second grade, I just had to play the violin,” she said, and she received a half-size violin as a Christmas gift that year.

She took private lessons for a number of years, but because her school system did not have an orchestra program, she found herself joining band in middle school. She recalled, “I wanted to play French horn, but because we had a clarinet in the house, that became my band instrument.”

Not long after, her band director asked if anyone was interested in playing oboe. “My hand shot up in the air, and the rest is history,” said Patti.

As a university freshman, Patti was a business major, but she considered becoming a music major. Ultimately, she stayed the course but joined the campus band, orchestra and ensemble. She was a member of the campus quintet for several years, and the experience proved to be a highlight of her college career.

Since 2007, Patti has participated at the John Mack Oboe Camp in Little Switzerland, NC. She also teaches oboe privately, with seven students currently. “I’m proud to say that one of my most recent graduates received a full-ride to Ohio University for Oboe Performance,” she said.

A resident of Uniontown, Patti stays active with several interests—roller skating, reading, sewing, cross stitching and knitting. “The roller skating that I am talking about is figure skating and dance skating on four wheels, “ she clarified. “When I competed, I made it all the way to Nationals.”

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