Dr. James Perone Authors Book on James Taylor

Not only is our principal clarinetist, Dr. James Perone, an exceptionally talented musician, but he is a writer and researcher as well.

His latest book, The Words and Music of James Taylor, is an exploration of the work and influence of the iconic performer. The book is published by ABC-CLIO as part of their Praeger Singer-Songwriter Collection.

Here is how the publisher describes the series:

The legends of the music industry are consistently among the most revered celebrities in popular culture. We know everything about them—who they dated, where they played, and how they died. However, what they sought to tell us through their music often remains undiscovered or forgotten. The Praeger Singer-Songwriter Collection provides critical analysis and commentary on the work of such important artists as John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Paul Simon, Carole King, Bob Marley, Frank Zappa, Ice Cube, and David Bowie, and does so in the hope that, from behind such legendary faces, voices can again emerge.

Jim‘s other books include Songs of the Vietnam Conflict, Music of the Counterculture Era, The Words and Music of Melissa Etheridge, The Words and Music of Elvis Costello, and Smash Hits: The 100 Songs That Defined America. He also serves as series editor of The Praeger Singer-Songwriter Collection.

The new book is available in hardcover or e-book format here:

The Words and Music of James Taylor

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