Chop Chop—There's Work To Be Done

The Philharmonic has decided to take a concert break this winter with one fewer performance than usual, but we are certainly not resting on our laurels. We are not sitting with our feet on the furniture, playing games on our cell phones or scrolling through our Facebook feeds or binge watching Mozart in the Jungle. Well, some of us might be doing that last bit, but the rest of us are hard at work.

  • Our adult chorus will soon begin rehearsals for our March 26th performance of Bach and Bernstein.

  • Our concert master, Mary Bontrager, is preparing for her performance of Vitali’s Chaconne scheduled for that same date.

  • Our staff is meeting with PAC personnel to work out details of future performances. We LOVE the Performing Arts Center and all it has to offer!

  • Our education committee is meeting to prepare for the 2017 Performing Arts Camp.

  • And committee member Steve Stroup is gathering registration forms for members of our 2017 High School Honors Band. It’s going to be another outstanding ensemble.

  • Our fund-raising committee is meeting to outline its plan for the season and next.

  • Sallie Stroup is hard at work on plans for upcoming concerts and preparing for next year, which promises to be chock full of wonderful programming and surprises. Wait ’til you see!

  • Eric Benjamin is finalizing details on new music planned for our Music and Dance concert on June 3 with the amazing Kent Dance Ensemble.

Phew. What a to-do list! This doesn’t even include all the work Tony Eckert has done launching our new website, the Children’s Chorus rehearsals directed by Laura Barkett, the video work Lindsey Nicholson has in store for our social media outlets and the regular practicing each musician does in preparation for future rehearsals.

Chop chop. There’s work to be done, and the clock is ticking.

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